Pattachitra Shiva Tussar Silk Art Handmade Indian Odisha Ethnic Tribal Painting

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Dancing Shiva slays Demon

  • Subject: Pattachitra Painting
  • Paint Material: Natural vegetable and mineral colors
  • Base Material: Tussar Silk (unframed)
  • Size: 12 in. X 18 in. (30.5 cms X 46 cms)
  • Age: Modern Handmade Art
  • Country of origin: India
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This painting is an exquisite work of Pattachitra art featuring the Hindu God Shiva in a dancing pose slaying a demon. He is depicted in bright colors and surrounded with a decorative border. The art is made on Tussar silk which is a type of wild silk produced from the cocoons of the Tussar silkworm. It is valued for its beauty and durability.

In Hindu mythology, Shiva is sometimes depicted defeating demons, symbolizing his role as the destroyer of evil and champion of good. These depictions are often found in Hindu art, such as sculptures and paintings, and serve as a visual representation of the deity's divine powers and significance in Hinduism.

Pattachitra is a traditional painting of Odisha, India. All colors used in the Paintings are natural and paintings are made fully old traditional way by Chitrakaras that is Odiya Painter. Pattachitra style of painting is one of the oldest and most popular art forms of Odisha. The name Pattachitra has evolved from the Sanskrit words patta, meaning canvas, and chitra, meaning picture. Pattachitra is thus a painting done on canvas, and is manifested by rich colorful application, creative motifs, and designs, and portrayal of simple themes, mostly mythological in depiction. The traditions of pattachitra paintings are more than thousand years old.

The Pattachitra paintings images are usually done in profile with elongated eyes. One of the reasons why these paintings are so expressive is that they’re drawn using vivid, contrasting colors. And whether it hangs on a wall or rests on a mantle, this one of a kind collectible is guaranteed to make a beautiful addition to your collection. Buy it now before it is gone.

NOTE: This art will be mailed rolled in a tube.