Geoffroy Cat Painting Handmade Indian Miniature Wild Animal Nature Jungle Art

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Geoffroy's Cat

  • Subject: Indian Animal Painting - Geoffroy's Cat
  • Paint Material: Opaque watercolors
  • Base Material: Islamic Script Paper (unframed)
  • Size: 8 in. wide X 4.5 in. (20 cms X 11.5 cms)
  • Age: Modern Handmade Art
  • Country of origin: India
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Express your love for one of nature's most unique and beautiful animals by adding to your collection this highly detailed and painstakingly hand-painted artwork. This realistic looking Geoffroy's Cat in the jungle is sure to showcase your good taste in fine art.

This colorful image of the wild cat is captured in stunning color and detail by famous Jaipur wild life miniature artist, Mr. Narendra Katara.

Geoffroy's cat is a wild cat native to the southern and central regions of South America. It is about the size of a domestic cat. While the species is relatively common in many areas, it is considered to be Near Threatened by IUCN because of concern over land-use changes in the regions where it lives. Geoffroy's cat is named after the 19th century French zoologist Étienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire (1772–1844), following his travels to South America in the early 19th century,

A perfect addition to your wild life art collection so don't miss out on this rare wild cat painting. Buy it now.

NOTE: Art done on old fragile paper to give antique feel. Need to handle with care.