Ganesha Mouse Vahana Painting Handmade Indian Miniature Ethnic Ganesh Hindu Art

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Ganesha on Mouse Signifying Belonging

  • Subject: Indian Religious Miniature Painting
  • Paint Material: Opaque Watercolors
  • Base Material: Stamp paper (unframed)
  • Size: 8 in. wide X 12 in. tall (20 cms X 30.5 cms)
  • Age: Modern Handmade Art
  • Country of origin: India
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Presenting a beautiful artwork of Hindu God Ganesha riding his mouse vahana (vehicle).

Ganesh, also known as Ganapati, is immediately recognizable as the elephant-headed god. He is the god of wisdom and learning, as well as the remover of obstacles, and consequently the sign of auspiciousness.

Ganesha is pictured in this art riding the mouse as his vehicle, which signifies his triumph over the ego. In Hindu mythology the mouse symbolizes the ego, for the ego can eat away all that is good and decent in a person.

Through this art, Ganesha is here to help you focus on learning to find security from within. Get a sense of belonging by eliminating your ego. He tells us to learn to trust, ask for help, and to rely on others.

Just imagine…a special place in your home for this art of Hindu God Ganesha…picture yourself surrounded by a warmth and affection that shows up in your day-to-day life. This is the power in owning artwork of Hindu God Ganesh. So get one for yourself today.