Bhaiṣajyaguru Medicine Buddha Painting Handmade Buddhist Spiritual Ethnic Art

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Medicine Buddha - Bhaiṣajyaguru

  • Subject: Indian Religious Miniature Painting - Buddha
  • Paint Material: Watercolor
  • Base Material: Canvas (unframed)
  • Size: 10 in. X 12 in. (25.5 cms X 30.5 cms)
  • Age: Modern handmade art
  • Country of origin: India
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Fill your home with the beauty of this exquisitely detailed & stunningly beautiful Medicine Buddha painting.

Bhaiṣajyaguru, commonly referred to as the "Medicine Buddha", is the Buddha of healing and medicine in Buddhism. He is described as a doctor who cures dukkha (suffering) using the medicine of his teachings.

He is sitting cross-legged on a lotus throne. His body is blue in color like the sky, which is the symbol of clarity. A rainbow glow emanates from his heart and surrounds him. He is holding a lapis -colored jar of medicine nectar in his left hand bowl which contains the three nectars: to cure disease, counteracts ageing, and to illuminate the mind. In the right hand resting on his right knee, he holds the stem of the Aruna fruit between thumb and forefinger. 

Medicine Buddha is surrounded by various medicinal plants that are still in use today and can be found in Tibet and proximate regions.

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