Cakrasaṃvara Tantra Buddha Thangka Painting Handmade Buddhist Mandala Tanka Art

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Cakrasaṃvara Tantra Buddha

  • Subject: Indian Religious Miniature Painting
  • Paint Material: Watercolor
  • Base Material: Canvas (unframed)
  • Size: 16 in. wide X 28 in. tall (40.5 cms X 71 cms). Main art 10 in. wide X 13 in. tall (25.5 cms X 33 cms)
  • Age: Modern handmade art
  • Country of origin: India
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Fill your home with the beauty of this exquisitely detailed & stunningly beautiful hand-made Cakrasaṃvara Tantra Buddha Painting.

A thangka is a Tibetan Buddhist painting usually depicting a deity, scene, or mandala.

The Cakrasaṃvara Tantra is considered to be of the mother class of the Anuttarayoga Tantra in Vajrayana Buddhism. The central deity of the mandala, Saṃvara, is a form of the meditational deities of the Sarma schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

Saṃvara is typically depicted with a blue-coloured body embracing his consort, the wisdom dakini Vajravārāhī. Saṃvara and Vajravārāhī are not to be thought of as two different entities. In reality their divine embrace is a metaphor for the union of great bliss and emptiness, which are of the one and same essence.

In Western meditation texts his name is often translated to mean "Highest Bliss". Meditation on Cakrasaṃvara is an advanced practice transmitted by one's lama, and binds the mind of the meditator to enlightenment itself.

Lord Buddha will delight family and friends and deserves a special place in your home. It's also a great way to spread happiness as a thoughtful gift for anyone who loves Buddhist Art and the beauty of the blessing of God as personified by Buddha.

Don't miss out on this exclusive Thangka art depicting Buddha in one of his classic forms! Buy today before it is sold.

Note: Please note some imperfections in art due to its age. Colors of fabric are close but do not match exactly due to lighting and digitization effects.