Indian 7″ Terracotta Plate Art Handmade Ganesh Clay Pottery Home Decor Folk Art

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Ganesh Chant

  • Subject: Terracotta Ceramic Ganesh Art
  • Art Material: Watercolors & Dye
  • Base Material: Clay/Ceramic (unframed)
  • Size: 7 in. (8 cms) round
  • Age: Modern Handmade Art
  • Country of origin: India
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Make a statement with this decorative Ganesh Chant terracotta clay plate art. Even though small in size this unique handicraft will be right at home in your home or office or den. The artwork is handmade using centuries-old techniques by Indian artists.

Terracotta (or earthenware) is a porous and brittle material formed by the low heat of a traditional Indian kiln. Created by the interaction of earth, water and fire, this medium has found expression through almost every period of Indian history. Most terracotta art and pottery is produced by molding objects by hand or on the wheel and firing them in an open oven. A smoother finish, when needed, is given by rubbing and polishing the surface with wooden palettes or stones while it is still wet.

The terracotta tradition of creating figures of deities on ceremonial and auspicious occasions brings out the religious nature of their pottery. Geometrical etchings can be also traced in the pottery maintaining the traditional styles.

You will love this captivating piece of Ganesh ceramic art that will create an instant focal point complementing both traditional and modern décor styles. It serves as an awesome gifting idea or home accessory. It is attractively priced and satisfaction is guaranteed so buy it now.

NOTE: Artwork comes with a plastic stand.