Krishna Radha Baramasa Art Handmade Classical Indian Miniature Folk Painting

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A set of 12 Paintings depicting the Baramasa - The Painted Romance of Indian Seasons

  • Subject: Krishna Radha Baramasa Painting
  • Paint Material: Opaque Watercolors
  • Base Material: Paper (unframed)
  • Size: 6 in. wide and 8 in. tall (15 cms X 20 cms) each art
  • Age: Modern Handmade Art
  • Country of origin: India
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Experience for yourself the subtle intimacy between Krishna & Radha presented here in a set of twelve Baramasa paintings.

Baramasa is an old concept of India’s classical literature allowing non-ritual, non-religious eye to view nature in its pure beauty and in such phenomenal and aesthetic aspects which arouse in a lover’s heart a specific set of feelings, both in union and in separation.

Baramasa paintings present a minute study of human moods and sentiments as the twelve months of a year shape them. The Baramasa themes in Indian Miniature Paintings often incorporate poetry, literature & legends. The reference point of the Baramasa is that the heroine implores her lover not to leave her during each of the twelve months in turn because of some notable quality of nature or of holidays or festivities.

The hand painted Baramasa paintings being offered here are a series that depict all the twelve months and where a perfect model (Radha) and her lover (Krishna) act out diverse roles as they confront each other. In the backdrop of the paintings the depiction of nature is minute and colorful as well as vibrant and rhythmic. The paintings capture Nature in India which in different seasons has a different cast, hues and colors but always vigorous and glowing.

The captions in the artwork are in Hindi and depict the twelve seasons as follows: Magha(Jan/Feb), Phalguna(Feb/Mar), Chaitra(Mar/April), Vaishakha(April/May), Jyestha(May/June), Asadha(June/July), Sravana(July/Aug), Bhadaon(Aug/Sept), Asvin(Sept/Oct), Karttika(Oct/Nov), Margasirsha(Nov/Dec) and Pausha(Dec/Jan).

It is executed with a fine brush in the Rajasthani miniature style. Rajasthani paintings are an umbrella term used for a form of Indian painting, originating from kingdoms of North India, during 17th-19th century. It gave birth to a new idiom in Indian painting, and grew out of the Mughal painting, though this was patronized mostly by the Rajput kings who ruled many parts of the region. It was done mostly in miniature forms.

Don’t miss out on this exclusive artwork composition of Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha in the Baramasa series and made in the Indian Rajasthani style. Buy it today.

NOTE: You will be getting twelve (12) individual paintings with this purchase.