Tanjore Ganesha Shiva Parvati Art Handmade Indian Hindu Deity Thanjavur Painting

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Hindu God Ganesha's Family

  • Subject: Tanjore Painting
  • Paint Material: Opaque watercolors, Brass/Gold foil & emboss
  • Base Material: Wood Fiberboard (unframed)
  • Size: 10 in. wide X 12 in. (25.5 cms X 30.5 cms)
  • Age: Modern Handmade Art
  • Country of origin: India
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Your decor will bear a sophisticated and cultured look when adorned with this striking Tanjore painting featuring the family of Hindu God Ganesha.

In this artwork is depicted Ganesh as a baby, his father Lord Shiva and his mother Goddess Parvati. There are many famous tales associated with the birth of Ganesha (or Ganesh) and how he got an elephant head, which serves to make this heavenly family very dear to the followers of Hinduism.

Rich and intricate, this compact composition is also bright, colorful and breathtakingly beautiful.

Tanjore painting is a classical South Indian painting style, which was inaugurated from the town of Thanjavur (anglicized as Tanjore) in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. The art form draws its sources and inspiration from about 1600 AD, a period when the leaders of Thanjavur encouraged all forms of art.

Modern Tanjore paintings are panel paintings done over a wooden base. The paintings are decorated by gilded and gem-set technique, where gold (or gold/brass as in this artwork) leaves & sparkling synthetic stones are used to highlight and create a 3D relief effect on certain aspects of the painting like ornaments, dresses etc. to give the painting an ornate look.

In Tanjore paintings one can see the influence of Deccani, Vijayanagar, Maratha and even European styles of painting. Both religious and secular subjects are depicted in Tanjore paintings.

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