Shiva Parvati Painting Handmade Indian Hindu God Goddess Ethnic Spiritual Art

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Shiva and Parvati - The Perfect Match

  • Subject: Indian Hindu Miniature Painting
  • Paint Material: Watercolors
  • Base Material: Paper (unframed)
  • Size: 10 in. wide X 7.5 in. tall (25.5 cms X 19 cms)
  • Age: Modern Handmade Art
  • Country of origin: India
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Add a conversation piece with a festive touch to your decor with this striking painting featuring a manifestation of Shiva and Parvati of the Hindu religion.

Shiva is not only the destroyer but the creator--the meeting point between all opposite forces--the forces of good and evil, life and death.

Parvati is sometimes called the wife or  consort of Lord Shiva. Some philosophers claim that there are no male or female deities, only different aspects of the same single deity. In this sense, Parvati would represent an aspect of Shiva, who represents an aspect of the single god or being that encompasses everything.  Parvati has several divine forms. As Parvati, she represents happy marriage and motherhood.

Rich and intricate, this compact composition is also bright, colorful and breathtakingly beautiful.

Buy this unique artwork depicting Shiva and Parvati and bring happiness and bliss into your home.