Indian Classical Bharatanatyam Dance Miniature Painting Tamil Nadu Ethnic Art

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Bharatanatyam Nritta hasta (The hand gestures)

  • Subject: Indian Miniature Dance Painting
  • Paint Material: Opaque Watercolors
  • Base Material: Stamp Paper (unframed)
  • Size: 8 in. wide X 12 in.tall (20 cms X 30.5 cms)
  • Age: Modern Handmade Art
  • Country of origin: India
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You will love this colorful artwork of a Bharatanatyam dancer exhibiting a Nritta hasta (The hand gestures) dance pose.

Bharatanatyam is a major form of Indian classical dance that is indigenous to Tamil Nadu in South India. Bharatanatyam is the one of the oldest classical dance tradition in India. It was nurtured in the temples and courts of southern India since ancient times. It is a form of dance that expresses South Indian religious themes and spiritual ideas.

Bharatanatyam style is noted for its fixed upper torso, bent legs and knees flexed (Aramandi) combined with spectacular footwork, and a sophisticated vocabulary of sign language based on gestures of hands, eyes, and face muscles. The dance is accompanied by music and a singer, and typically the dancer's guru is present as the director and conductor of the performance. The performance repertoire of Bharatanatyam, like other classical dances, includes pure dance, solo expressive dance and group dramatic dance.

Bharatanatyam remained exclusive to Hindu temples through the 19th century. Modern stage productions are prevalent throughout India and have incorporated the dance based on non-religious ideas and fusion themes.

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