A quick recap of Indian Miniature Paintings

Indian Miniature Paintings The art of miniature paintings can be traced back as far as the 11th century. Influenced by a combination of larger murals and the long-held Persian tradition of miniature paintings, the introduction of this art form to India flourished rapidly, resulting in an extensive history and amazing work. In short, miniature paintings are handmade and incredibly colorful while still being decidedly small in size. The amazing part is the sheer detail contained in such a small piece of art, from delicate brushwork to stunning mixtures and variations in color, each of which is handmade from minerals, precious stones,...

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Quickly And Easily Learn Why Mughal Paintings Are So Wildly Successful

If there was ever a form of South Asian Art that was the very essence of masterful…sensuality…and brilliant style it is Mughal Painting. You see, all throughout the sixteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Mughal Art thrived and flourished. Inspired by Persian, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain styles, miniature painting rose quickly as a dominant art form that eventually helped to shape several other Indian Art genres such as Rajput Painting. Because of the attraction to painting realistic subjects during the Mughal Empire in India, you’ll find that this distinctive art style is amazing and timeless. That said, continue reading...

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