Butterfly Floral Painting Handmade Indian Miniature Nature Home Decor Charm Art

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Butterfly Trio in flower garden

  • Subject: Indian Wild Life Miniature Painting
  • Paint Material: Opaque watercolors
  • Base Material: Stamp Paper (unframed)
  • Size: 8 in. wide X 12 in. tall (20 cms X 30.5 cms)
  • Age: Modern Handmade Art
  • Country of origin: India
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What do you love most about nature? If it’s butterflies & flowers, the pleasures of the garden and wild life…then you can look forward to celebrating them all on this beautiful art.

In this wonderful artwork the Indian nature miniature artist has placed a trio of colorful butterflies around a single flower against a solid background. The painting exudes a blend of naturalism and aesthetic beauty that brings forth a stunning portrait of nature at its best.

Do not miss out on this exclusive charming butterfly and flower art. Add it to your collection or home wall decor and enjoy it everyday.